Arlington Travel Basketball (ATB) is a member of the Fairfax County Youth Basketball League (FCYBL). Girls and boys residing in Arlington are eligble to play on a ATB team; non-Arlington residents are ineligible.

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Arlington Travel Basketball
ATB Team Formation Policies FAQs

This page of the Arlington Travel Basketball website includes FAQs associated with FCYBL Age Group rules that apply to the ATB program. 

  • Number of Teams Forms by ATB for Each Age Group
  • Can Players in Grades 4 Play on an ATB 10-Under Team?
  • FCYBL Age Group Rules Are Different From AAU Age Group Rules?
  • Can a Player be Play for ATB Team and an Arlington House Team?
  • Can Player be on ATB Team in Winter and an AAU Team in the Spring?
  • Can Player be on ATB Team AND an Arlington Middle School Team?


How May Teams Does ATB Form At Each Age Group
The FCYBL has two divisions:

  • Division 1.  The most competitive division
  • Division 2Another division which is slightly less competitive.  
ATB generally fields two teams in each age group (from 5th through 8th grade); the decision to field one or more teams in an age group is made by the commissioner and the Board based on the number and level of skill of players at tryouts.

In some instances, due to the win/loss records of ATB teams the previous year, Arlington may field two Division 1 Teams, or two Division 2 teams.


Can Players in Grade 4 Play on an ATB 10-Under Team?
4th Graders.  The youngest age group for which FCYBL organizes a league is 5th grade/10 & under. FCYBL rules allow younger players to play on a team, but they require at least half of the players on those teams to meet the age requirement for the 10-Under division.


The ATB forms the most competitive teams possible, which means that most players on the Division 1 team are 5th graders. It is not uncommon, however, for some 4th graders to be selected for the 5th grade teams.  For this reason, and because tryouts are a good experience for future players, ATB encourages all basketball-minded 4th graders to tryout.

Can My Son/Daughter Play for an ATB Team and a House Team?
Arlington Travel strongly encourages players to commit only to the Travel Program and not to play house basketball. 

Can My Son/Daughter Play on an AAU or YBOA Team in the Spring and an ATB Team in the Winter?
Yes.  Most of the best players in Arlington and Fairfax County play in the FCYBL during the winter.  Most of the best players in Arlington play ATB in the winter and AAU or YBOA in the spring or summer. 

Very few AAU or YBOA teams play in the winter; if you wish to play on one of these teams as well as an ATB team, please talk to your coach or the commissioner first.


Can My Son/Daughter Play on an Arlington Middle School Team and an ATB Team?

 Yes.  Arlington Public Schools (APS) run a middle school basketball league.  Games and practices are after school and do not interfere with ATB games.

Many ATB players play middle school basketball; however these players must manage their time well to play in both programs.

Last Updated:  September 18, 2021.