Arlington Travel Basketball (ATB) is a member of the Fairfax County Youth Basketball League (FCYBL). Girls and boys residing in Arlington are eligble to play on a ATB team; non-Arlington residents are ineligible.

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What is the Thunder?

The Thunder is a spring basketball program, endorsed by Arlington Travel Basketball.  

How many Thunder teams will be created?

The Thunder will hold tryouts for 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th grade teams.  At this time we expect to field no more than one team in each age group.


Tryout Information is now available.


How will Thunder teams be created?

The Thunder will announce competitive tryouts, which although not scheduled yet will occur sometime in either late February or early March.  Players will be selected based on results of that tryout and families will be notified via the Arlington Travel Basketball web site.  The teams will carry a minimum of eleven players and a maximum of fourteen.

Have coaches been selected?

Coach selection is underway and will be announced soon.  All Thunder coaches will be required to pass a background check, similar in scope to what is required by Arlington Travel Basketball.  If anyone is interested in being considered a Thunder coach, please contact Dave Maher – Thunder Commissioner at    

What is the commitment?

Thunder teams will practice twice a week from approximately the second week in March until approximately the time schools close for the summer.  All practices will be held in Arlington.  Thunder teams will participate in six tournaments, which will generally be in the Washington DC Metropolitan area.

What is the cost?

The registration fee, which will cover the cost of tournaments, practice space (which is not free in the spring), and other miscellaneous cost for things like uniforms, AAU participation etc. has not yet been set.

Will the Thunder provide uniforms?

Yes – new uniforms for Thunder teams will be provided, which must be returned once the season is over.